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I’m a 30-year commercial tile contractor and I’ve been using ProKnees for about 15 years – 40 to 50 hours per week. They are the best kneepads that I have ever used. They are durable, comfortable and don’t let your kneecaps roll. They take the pressure off your hips and knees. I just turned 52 this year and I had my knees checked out. The Doctor said it’s amazing how good my knees were for what I do. I just bought 3 new pair of 1” thick AP16 – should make it to retirement with healthy knees.

Thank you ProKnee!

Bill Geere
Willow Grove, PA

About 3 years ago I was tiling a large commercial job, about 500 sq ft per day. I would come home every night, no, hobble home every night, only to disappoint my kids. “No daddy can’t play with you tonight, he’s too sore”. I had been looking at the ProKnee kneepads for about a year then, and was intrigued by the design and fit of them compared to any other on the market. “$200 seems like a lot to spend on kneepads” I kept telling myself. Day 3 into the commercial job and I had had enough. I quickly ordered the ProKnees, and a day or two later they arrived at my tile store. I strapped them on that morning and went to work. That night was a different story when I got home. “Come on kids, let’s play!” There really was that big of a difference. They were more comfortable than any other kneepad I had worn before. They spread the weight across my leg instead of onto my knee, and I loved using them. I will never go back to any other kneepad. $200 is a mighty small price to pay for what I now call “knee insurance”. Way cheaper than any insurance you can get on the market these days, and in my opinion, way better.

Thanks again ProKnee for making a kneepad that actually works. My back, my legs, my knees and my wife also thank you.

Matt Seiling
Kitchener, ON Canada

My husband of 13 years has had three pair of these. The first was in a fire, the second he wore down to nothing (took about 10 years) and he just received his third. I just want to let you know he is a tile setter and this company has saved his knees. And I have to say also, your attention to detail with actually reading the comments section of your orders is awesome. I had them tell my husband I loved him… and they actually did it! Great kneepads – Great company!

Will get a new pair in about 10 years

Amber Gardner

I love my kneepads…. I won’t kneel down without them. I could hardly walk after working… I would cry myself to sleep at night from pain…I was having my knees drained on a weekly basis before I purchased my first pair. They have changed my life, and I am beyond grateful!!!

Paul Curadossi
Sandwich, MA

These are the most amazing kneepads I’ve ever owned. I had an osteochondral autograft
10 years ago, which has made working on my knees dicey. With these, for the first time in a decade, I feel absolutely no discomfort when I am on my knees. I can’t believe how good they feel.

Chris Quinn
Cleveland Heights, OH

This is my third set for my guys. My first pair are still around and I ordered them in 95! Everyone made fun of my “hockey goalie kneepads”. But now, they all use them. Then I upgraded to the 07 for me and my two guys, but we have worn them out. If it didn’t take so long to rebuild them, I would go that route. But, since we work 6 days a week…I just upgrade to the new ones. Your kneepads have saved my guys, and my knees for years! Thank you very much for attending to something that quite often gets overlooked in the construction industry -Safety PLUS comfort.

Tom Charters
Boise, ID

I have been in the Tile trade for more than 35 years. I had tried every type of kneepad during my career with the same result – Sore knees and a lot of pain. I had to stop working in the trade for a couple of years per my doctor, because he told me I can continue and get knee replacements in a couple years, or stop installing tile. So I stopped for a while, but couldn’t stay away from tile work. So, I decided to try it again using the latest kneepads on the market. Within one week, the pain and soreness came right back. I was devastated, thinking that my tile career was over. I decided to look online at different tile installer’s forums to see if anyone had advice on some other type of kneepad that works. The name that came up time and time again was ProKnee. I looked at ProKnee’s website and their product information to see what was so special about this brand. I liked that the kneepads were custom fitted for me and my size (6’ 2”, 250 lbs) So I thought I would give them a chance, as I was out of options. This was the best decision I have ever made. I absolutely love my ProKnee Model 07 kneepads. They fit perfectly. They are so comfortable that I forget I have them on and the pain is gone! I am the perfect example of a person who thought their career was over, but was blessed to find the perfect product to protect my knees and give me excellent comfort.

Thank you for building the perfect kneepad!

Richard Etter
Brookville, OH

Our Guarantee

Since 1989 ProKnee® has been servicing the needs of flooring installation and other construction professionals by offering a complete line of custom made custom fit kneepads, now available in 18 lengths, 2 widths and 2 foam thicknesses.

After over a quarter century, ProKnee® has grown into the #1 kneepad brand that professionals in the USA, Canada and around the world prefer.

It all began with the Original Model, that sold for 18 years and offered several patented features that put it in a class all by itself. After adding several more patented features to the kneepad in 2007, the Model 07™ was born.

After 25 years of customer feedback and actual field testing, ProKnee® was proud to introduce its patent pending hybrid versions of the highly successful Original Model and Model 07™ – The Model 0714® Standard and Model 0714E® Wide in 2014.

Now our latest offering in 2016 is the AP16®. A new class of All Purpose Kneepad, the AP16® borrowed as many of the Model 0714® features as possible, and added a few patent pending features of its own. Thus, making this kneepad one of a kind, while staying true to ProKnee®’s fit, form and function.

We now feel we have a complete kneepad range to offer our customers that matches their desired comfort, to a level of protection unrivaled in today’s kneepad market! We guarantee that these kneepads will perform to your expectations. Every purchase of ProKnee® Kneepads comes with a 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee.