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Not All Steps Are Created Equal

Installing stairtreads has never been an easy part of the flooring industry. It can be quite challenging and time consuming for the professional, requiring a more focused approach toward attention to detail. In a perfect world every stair constructed would be an exact copy of the one above and below; making measuring and cutting rubber stairtreads and other stairway materials a measure once and cut all the same size a simple process. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Each stair has its own slightly different angles and discrepancies due to many common factors, such as materials used, and construction conditions. A professional installer knows this and will never measure once and cut all to the same size.

Instead, professionals know to approach each step individually, which is a time consuming process. With the high cost of each tread, the professional must pay close attention in order to not make a mistake. One process is done by creating a cardboard template and skillfully marking the edges of each individual step. This process can be time consuming and requires a certain level of skill to become professionally accurate!

Treadman®’s Multi-Angle Adjustable Plates

Homemade wooden jigs are sometimes made with left and right, independently adjustable, edges. Still, this technique is also time consuming and not perfect: either due to jig play or most step sides not being perfectly straight and square. With each rubber floor tread needing to be perfectly matched to each step, there is little to no room for error. Any unacceptable gaps, over time can collect dirt and water from the cleaning process and subject the tread to loosening and hasten the treads to fail with the need to be re-adhered or even replaced.

Perfectly cut treads every time with Treadman®

Treadman® - A tool designed and engineered for the stairtread installation profession

With several stairtread challenges in mind ProKnee® Corporation has developed a tool specially designed for the stairtread installer. Treadman®, is a tool that will cut your installation time in half or more, and give you quick and accurate measurements, thus eliminating the chance of costly mistakes.

Treadman®’s adjusted edges, ready for cutting

What makes Treadman® unique and an invaluable tool for the stairtread installer is its design and function. It gives the novice, as well the seasoned professional, quick and accurate settings and perfectly cut stairtreads that conform to the most difficult of steps you may come up against.

Treadman® is a portable, lightweight tool weighing 6 1/2 lbs. Our standard unit won’t leave you fatigued by the end of the day by carrying it back and forth to the stair way.

Portable, lightweight and stored in its own cutting block
Large knobs for quick adjustments and a tight, locking, self-lubricating adjustment bar for easy accurate measurements

Treadman® quickly adjusts and conforms precisely to each individual step. It then securely locks in your step’s and tread’s specific size and identical dimensions that you will be cutting your tread to. Treadman® acts as your template and your cutting guide. Made up of 1/16” steel plates and built to withstand a lifetime of cutting. With large easy to adjust knobs and spring loaded edge plates, Treadman® makes your next measurement as quick and easy as your last. Treadman®’s standard unit has the ability to expand in depths from 10” to 13 1/4” and in widths from 35 1/4” to 61 1/2”. With three other optional extension kits the width ranges will expand from 22 1/2” up to 9’ 1/2”! Treadman®’s rubber stairtread thickness gauge automatically adjusts from 1/32” to 1/4”. The optional self storage tool box is constructed from blade friendly high density polyethylene. It expands and doubles as a sturdy heavy-duty cutting surface, specifically designed to cut and handle rubber stairtreads. An overall cutting surface of 13 1/2” x 6’ 3 3/4” with a 1 7/8” vertical surface is provided for cutting nosings.

With very little practice and time, you will have mastered this tool which in turn rewards you with time savings and results of perfection.

For a more in-depth look and detailed instruction you can see Treadman® in action on youtube.