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Treadman® Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Can Treadman only be used on rubber stairtreads?
    A. Treadman can be used to both mark and cut rubber stairtreads, however, it can also be used to mark other types of materials like Hardwoods, Tile, Ceramics or any hard surface material.
  2. Q. Should I purchase the Treadman Tool Box/Cutting Block? What are the benefits of having it?
    A. We highly recommend that you purchase the Tool Box/Cutting Block. The box is not only a safe storage container, it also makes it easier to transport the Treadman tool and can be used as a cutting surface to cut rubber stairtreads. However, you can use the Treadman tool without it.
  3. Q. Can you use the Treadman to complete One Piece Step/Riser installations?
    A. Yes, but you will need to purchase the One Piece Step/Riser Template Kit.
  4. Q. Does the Treadman come with instructions so I will know how to use it?
    A. There are no written instructions, however, we have videos on our website that give demonstrations on both how to use the Treadman tool and also how to complete One Piece Step/Riser installations. These same videos are included on a DVD that is enclosed with all Treadman tools purchased.
  5. Q. Can I return the Treadman if I don’t like it or decide it is not for me?
    A. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if the Treadman is returned in NEW AND UN-USED CONDITION. We recommend that you look over the tool, and view the instructional videos on our website or on the included DVD BEFORE using the tool on a job.  If you need to return your Treadman, call us at 877 776 5633 to obtain a Return Authorization Number. We will issue a refund once the Treadman is received and evaluated by our Return Department.
  6. Q. What kind of warranty does ProKnee offer on the Treadman?
    A. We warranty the Treadman for ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE on all parts. If you feel you have a warranty issue, contact us at 877 776 5633 to receive a Return Authorization Number. You will need to send the Treadman into our Repair Facility for evaluation. We will either fix or replace any parts that we determine are covered under the warranty and ship the Treadman back to you.
  7. Q. What size stairtreads can the Treadman be used for?
    A. The Standard Treadman tool can do stairtreads from 35 1⁄4" to 61 1⁄2" in length. If you have stairs that are shorter or longer, we also have 3 Extension Kits that can be purchased separately - that will allow you to complete installations on treads from 22 1⁄2" to 9' 1⁄2"! Please refer to the Treadman Technical Specifications Sheet for more detailed information.