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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q. Do you recommend the 1” or the 5/8” kneepads?
    A. ProKnee recommends our 1” Foam Insert for any wearer who will be on their knees for 8 or more hours a day, who has had knee problems or surgery, who weighs over 200 lbs. or who prefers the maximum protection that ProKnee has to offer.
  2. Q. How long will ProKnee Kneepads last?
    A. This depends on the application they are being used for, and the care and maintenance performed by the user. Replacement parts are available and recommended to extend the life of the kneepads.
  3. Q. What applications can ProKnee Kneepads be used for?
    A. Our kneepads can be used when working with carpet, hardgoods, softgoods, VCT, ceramics, hardwood, laminates, epoxy, concrete finishing, carpentry, roofing (with approved safety tie off devices), HVAC, automotive, airline, shipbuilding, plumbing, electrical, and many more.
  4. Q. When installing carpet, can I still use ProKnee Kneepads when kicking my knee kicker?
    A. Approximately half of our carpet installer customers use them with a knee kicker.
  5. Q. How long will it take for me to get used to wearing ProKnee Kneepads?
    A. It varies from 1 day to 1 week, depending on usage and application.
  6. Q. What if I buy ProKnee Kneepads, but they do not work for me?
    A. ProKnee offers a 30 day money back “We Guarantee You’ll Love Them” policy assuring your satisfaction with our product. If you would like to return your kneepads for a full refund of the product cost, call us at 877 776 5633 to obtain a Return Authorization Number. We will issue a refund once we receive the kneepads back to our Return Department.
  7. Q. What kind of warranty does ProKnee offer on their kneepads?
    A. We warranty the plastic frames and buckles against breakage, Foam Inserts against losing its compression set (if inserts feel flat), and separating from the frame (slight tearing of foam where attached to the frame is considered normal and excluded from warranty).


    If you have a warranty issue, contact us at 877 776 5633 to receive a Return Authorization Number. You will need to send the kneepads into our Repair Facility and we will either fix or replace any parts that are covered under the warranty.
  8. Q. How do I measure to ensure the kneepads will fit me correctly?
    A. Use a tape measure or ruler to take the measurements that are required for the proper fit – “AB” and “C” measurements,
    1. The “AB” measurement is taken from the floor to the top of the kneecap, standing straight with shoes REMOVED. (please do not subtract an inch or two to adjust for the shoe or boot – this will not give an accurate size).
    2. The “C” measurement is taken around your leg - at the widest part of the calf muscle. This will tell us both the correct strap lengths for the kneepad and whether you need the Standard or Wide model of kneepads.
    You can also visit an authorized distributor to be professionally measured using our ProMeasure tool.
  9. Q. I thought I measured correctly, but I’m not sure my kneepads are fitting properly. How can I tell?
    A. Using the ProMeasure or following ProKnee measuring guidelines will work for the majority of our customers. However, if someone has a high instep or tall boots, it can throw off the size. Please verify that you have the correct size kneepads BEFORE you wear them on a job to avoid a restocking fee. If you have the correct size, the kneepads will sit on the top of your shoe/boot and will be about ¼" to ½" above your knee.
  10. Q. Are the Original Model and/or Model 07 Kneepads still available for purchase?
    A. No – ProKnee is no longer manufacturing our Original Model or Model 07 Kneepads. However, all parts are still available to purchase for both models, individually or in various kits. Also, our Repair Facility will continue to rebuild Model 07 kneepads and perform Original Model to Model 07 conversions.
  11. Q. I’m measuring for my kneepads, but my measurement is not exactly on the whole or half inch mark. Do I round up or down?
    A. For the AB measurement you would round DOWN to the nearest size.
    (ex. if you measure 21 3/4”, select 21.5”)
    For the C measurement you would round UP to the nearest size.
    (ex. if you measure 12 1/4”, select 12.5”)
  12. Q. How much wider are the Model 0714E Kneepads than the other models?
    A. The new Model 0714EWide is about 2” wider in the knee seat than our Model 0714 Standard and previous models.
  13. Q. Are parts interchangeable between all kneepad models?
    A. No. All Proknee Kneepad models have different fitting parts. When ordering replacement parts, you will need to know which model kneepads you have so you can order the correct fitting parts.
  14. Q. Is the Foam on your kneepads latex free?
    A. Yes, ProKnee Kneepads are made from Urethane Foam which is latex free.
  15. Q. I have heard that ProKnee Kneepads will help alleviate back problems as well as knee issues. Is this true?
    A. Please read the article “The Ergonomics of Kneeling” for more information regarding Pro Knee use and its effect on your health.
  16. Q. How safe is it to order on your website?
    A. Our secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard and is among the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions.
  17. Q. What if I still do not want to use my credit card over the internet?
    A. No problem! You can visit a local distributor or you can place your order with us over the phone. Our office is open 8:30am - 5pm Eastern time.

    Call us toll free: 1-877 PRO-KNEE ( 1-877-776-5633).
  18. Q. Are there any Authorized ProKnee Distributors in my area?
    A. Please see our Distribution page to find names, addresses and telephone numbers of all our distributors in the USA, Canada and Australia.
  19. Q. How can I clean my kneepads?
    A. Please see "Care Instructions" for our recommendations on keeping your kneepads well maintained and fresh smelling.
  20. Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
    A. Please allow 3-7* business days for normal order processing before order will be shipped. Once package is shipped from our facility in Maine, delivery time will be based on shipping method selected. (See map upon checkout for transit times throughout the US).

    Transit days EXCLUDE holidays, week-ends and day package ships. No rush shipments outside of the USA and NO weekend/holiday deliveries.

    *UPS and ProKnee closures, as well as periodic sales throughout the year, may delay processing and/or shipping times. During ONE DAY FLASH SALES processing times can be as long as 2-3 weeks (before orders are shipped). All orders are processed and shipped in the order in which they are received. You will receive an email after we have processed your order, so you will know ship date and tracking information for your package.


  1. Q. Can I exchange kneepads that are the wrong size or width?
    A. Yes, ProKnee allows size changes for kneepads within 30 days of purchasing. Call 877 776 5633 for a Return Authorization Number and let us know what size you need. You will be responsible to send the incorrect size kneepads to our Return Department. Once received, we will ship out the correct size to you.

    Please note: There will be a 30% restocking fee for any kneepads that are worn. (We will try to avoid the fee by switching out worn interchangeable parts ie. Rubber Boots, liners etc. when possible)
  2. Q. I ordered parts, but think I may have ordered the wrong ones. They don’t fit my kneepads. Can I exchange them for the correct parts?
    A. Yes, parts can be exchanged within 30 days of purchasing, if new and unused. Contact ProKnee for instructions on completing an exchange.

    Please Note: For all exchanges, customer is responsible for shipping products to ProKnee and ProKnee is responsible for the return shipping back to the customer.